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Upon launch, Zowee NFT Marketplace will allow users to buy NFTs with crypto-currency and fiat (debit/credit cards/Apple Pay/ Google Pay) with the option of having a Tonner-One World crypto wallet created, during the transaction, that will immediately receive the NFTs, thus eliminating many problems that are currently being encountered by NFT buyers and sellers," she added.

Zowee will be open to any person, group, or company wanting to sell NFTs and is expected to become a popular alternative to sites like OpenSea and Rarible which only allow the minting of NFTs if a user already has a digital wallet and cryptocurrency. Another feature of Zowee NFT Marketplace will be that a minimum of 5.9% of all marketplace fees collected will go to the "Teachers Are Our Tomorrow Fund" which will be the core utility of The Tonner-One World crypto-currency launching late this year.

Zowee is currently in final development and is expected to be in beta-testing by June 15th. For updates and information on Zowee NFT Marketplace, log onto tonnerow.com/zowee.